Sarn Bach Primary School Homework

Weekly homework is set for all the children at the school. We will attempt to set homework which reinforces class work or which involves the class theme. It is a means of ensuring that children foster the confidence to work independently outside the class/school situation and is an opportunity for parents to play an active role in their children’s education.

All homework should reflect each child’s best effort. The teachers are not prepared to accept untidy work which is below the child’s ability, and the child would be expected to re-do the work.

The ‘Read with Me!’ Scheme
The school endeavours to encourage parents to read with their children from the nursery section to year 6. The school provides a school bag for the children to carry their books tidily and the children are expected to return their books on a daily basis, but not as often when they have become good readers. We encourage parents to record in their record books.