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The School Curicculum

The School Curicculum
A broad, balance curriculum is delivered which enhances the spiritual, moral, mental, social physical and emotional development of the child. This is achieved mainly by means of a thematic approach, The documents can be viewed at the School.

Numeracy/ Mathematics
Mathematical ideas and techniques are an essential part of everyday life and contribute considerably to our understanding of the world around us.

The school aims to develop a positive attitude to mathematics as an interesting subject to be enjoyed. We endeavour to develop in the child the ability to think clearly and logically with confidence and adaptability, skills which will allow him/her to express ideas lucidly, to discuss a subject with confidence and to use mathematical language when applying skills and knowledge to situations at home ,at school and in society

Science is part of life and the child will develop:
- an analytical and critical mind through logical methods of discovery based on observation, hypothesis and experimentation:
- an understanding of living things and basic processes of life:
- an understanding of the means by which environmental resources can be used and developed.

Matters relating to sex education are dealt with sensitively in Personal and Social Education and Science lessons.

Language has a unique influence on a child’s development and is the basis of all learning. We endeavour to foster a positive attitude towards language by offering the child a variety of experiences which will stimulate a sensible, intelligent and lively response, thereby developing linguistic ability in all its passive and active aspects, in both languages. We encourage children to take an interest in literature in all its forms, ensuring always pleasurable and satisfying. In this way, we create in the child an awareness of the value of Welsh heritage so that she/he may empathise with the richness of his/her (indigenous or adopted) cultural background, as well as encouraging respect for other cultures

Basically, we develop four linguistic elements, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing;


To develop a child’s ability to listen effectively in crowd, group and individual situations for pleasure or entertainment, to respond to instructions, and to respond creatively.


To develop a child’s ability to speak clearly, intelligibly, confidently and correctly using language appropriate to the situation


To nurture children to be readers from the outset so that they may;
Read for pleasure or entertainment
Enhance their understanding
Acquire information;
Develop the ability to be critical in their reading and to appreciate good books.

To provide the child with the opportunity to respond in writing to different experiences and situations and to write for different purposes so that she/he may:
Use writing as medium to come to terms with his/her world;
Use writing to enhance his/her understanding;
Choose and use an appropriate form of writing for a particular purpose.

Design and Technology
The main feature of Design and Technology is that it gives pupils the opportunity to create pictures, plans, models, exhibitions and computer images from concepts in their imagination. Developing concepts from the very first idea through to the completed product as a practical consequence is a process called the Design Process.

Religious Education and Collective
The morning assemblies are an important part of Ysgol Sarn Bach’s ethos. The religious aspect is linked to the children’s own experiences in their everyday lives, emphasising religion’s altruistic and caring aspects. The separate daily Service held in the classroom, as well as the general assemblies held in the Hall, are an important part of developing a feeling of community. The children are taught about other world religions, but the emphasis is on Christianity. Collections towards local and national humanitarian causes are arranged.

Parents are allowed to remove their children from Religious Education lessons and collective worship for appropriate reasons.

Each child in the school have an opportunity to learn to play the recorder and have music lessons which include singing, composing, and instrumental work. The school competes in competitions at the Urdd Eisteddfod. Pupils from Year 3 up words are given the opportunity to receive instrumental lessons. Unfortunately we have to charge a fee for these lessons.
The lessons are very successful. The school Christmas concert is held at the school with each child given opportunity to appear on stage.


Physical Education
The school provides a stimulating and secure environment for pupils where they can aim to achieve general maturity and develop physical skills. Activities offered provide pleasure as well as fulfilling creative needs. We teach and provide an opportunity to practise and improve those skills that are relevant to the activity.

We also attempt to develop a social awareness along with a social training through individual expression. We aim to promote confidence through physical activity and to develop an awareness of the importance of health through exercise.

Physical Education should be enjoyable so that pupils are interested and ready to participate in various activities. Hence we hope to develop an awareness and appreciation of the environment.

The school offers training in numerous activities including gymnastics, dance, games, swimming, athletics and adventure activities. In the early years, and in Key Stage 1, every pupil will have one hour of Physical Education per week. By Key Stage 2. the children will spend at least an hour and a quarter each week in Physical Education lessons.

Information Thechnology
The new directive has given Information Technology an important status, along with a clear description of the nature of the subject. An ability in Information Technology means an ability to use Information Technology equipment and sources effectively in order to analyse, process and present information and to model, measure and control external events. Ysgol Sarn Bach emphasis is placed on developing I.T. across the spectrum of National Curriculum subjects. Computers are considered as trans-curricular pieces of equipment. The school has continually improved I.T. resources and this includes a wireless connection throughout the school.

The Arts
The arts are expression of man’s perception of the beauty of the world through the utilisation of his senses to observe and to imagine, to marvel and to create. We hold a firm belief that the arts are highly important to a child’s development and we will stimulate him or her to take part in musical, dramatic, movement and design, craft and technological activities. By encompassing the arts as an integrated element of the school day we provide children with an opportunity to exercise their imagination, their originality and their curiosity.

The Hidden Curriculum
Apart from the individual specialization of teaching staff, this is what is primarily responsible for giving every school its individual and unique character. This is the part of the curriculum that cannot be placed under headings - the philosophy behind the learning and the staff’s motivation, together with the way in which the school’s policies take into account the nature of the society it serves - this is what gives the school its own character.

At Ysgol Sarn Bach, we endeavour to provide a wide range of experiences so as to meet the diverse needs of each child. We realize that all children are different and that they are entitled to succeed in different ways. Not everyone succeeds academically and therefore we realize the importance of providing a variety of experiences in order to display and develop their talents outside the classroom. We guide the children to be able to solve problems creatively and apply their skills as they become citizens of the future.

The school encourages the pupils to take part in entrepreneurship activities. The pupils have had an opportunity to collaborate and to establish a business in order to make a profit from the sale of smoothies. The pupils gain experiences of advertising, costing goods, selling and calculating profits. We take advantage of every opportunity to have local business people work with the school to provide the pupils with hands-on experience of the business world.